Home Exterior and Garage Door Top 2022 Pairing Trends

With COVID-19, the world changed in the blink of an eye. Many people uprooted their entire lives, and even more people spent most of their time at home. With the additional time at home, many homeowners realized that they needed to make changes to be happy.

If you’re one of the many homeowners who want to see your home in a new light, it might be time to consider a new home exterior, a new garage door, or both! And it’s only right that you do so by looking at the trends for garage door and home exterior pairing trends.

“A home should be warm, welcoming, and exciting to be in. If you want to feel at home in your home, it might be time to shake things up and gift yourself with something new… so why not spend the time and energy to make your home more comfortable?” – Sarah, Owner of Real Architecture.

Modern style poolside garden house with California full view garage door, 12' x 7', Black aluminum profile, Clear glass

If you love this home addition that places indoor and outdoor spacing together, then mimic it in your own home! The combination of black, 12' x 7', all-clear glass California garage doors can create a great place for meditation and quiet.

Choose Your Favorite Design Type

No matter what type of change you’d like to implement in your home, it’s a good idea to know what’s in style and what will make you the laughingstock of your street (and then avoid the latter). Even though home styles change very quickly, four exteriors will lead you on the path toward good home selections.

Transitional Style

2 story Transitional / Modern Farmhouse / Scandinavian style house plan, 2 single garage doors, in Flush design and Black colour

Pictured here is a home that was built in the Transitional design. Said design is paired with black-colored garage doors in the Flush style as created by Anne Paquet Design.

“Nowadays, there’s no such thing as a singular design for your home. Mix and match what you want, so long as your house looks classic at the end of it. The more classic a design, the more likely it’ll be “in” for years to come.” – Ashley, from Anne Paquet Design.

If you’re hoping to have an exterior to your house that will be considered “in style” for decades, then it’s best to choose a Transitional design. Consider this style to be a combination of modern and traditional—you may have heard of this style also called classic modern.

The Transitional style works within a guideline that highlights simple, symmetrical lines. This style also favors a specific color palette that includes warm white, brown, gray, and beige in natural shades. This style is also typically made from white oak, as this wood looks best with these colors.

Close-up image on a Moderno 2-beads garage door, 12' 6" x 9', Black, Azure windows

Simple, symmetrical lines are common for a house with a Transitional build. Pictured above is a combination of Azur windows and a black, 12' 6" x 9' Moderno 2 beads garage door.

Transitionally designed homes do best when paired with doors like the Moderno 2 beads or Flush, as these feature straight lines and a sophisticated appearance.

Modern Style

Modern style house plan including various proportions and wood insertions for more energy. Double garage with all-glass California garage doors, Black frame, Sandblasted Glass for more privacy

This house is built to a layout designed by Anne Paquet Design. Modern in build, this design is enhanced with the inclusion of full-view, California-style garage doors. Sandblasted glass inset into black-colored frames provides the occupants with privacy and light.

If you want to avoid your neighbors laughing at you, don’t get a square home. Square homes aren’t considered to be “in” anymore. However, if you play with the spaces and proportions of a square house to play with the idea of depth and height in your home… you will have an abode that exudes energy and draws attention to asymmetrical areas. This is the height of “modernity!”

If you want a house in a Modern build, choose colours such as white, black, and gray. These neutral colours go great with warmer-coloured wood types to be more inviting and awe-inducing.

Close-up of a contemporary house with an exclusive Vog design garage door, 9' x 7', Black, Harmonie windows left

Do you want to be unique? If uniqueness is your goal, try using the Garaga-brand garage door called the Vog. Combined with the Novatech entry door, you’ll be on the path to being one-of-a-kind!

Other options that work well for a Modern house are the Moderno multi, Vog, or Grooved doors. Consider Iron Ore Walnut, Charcoal, or black for the coloring to really knock it out of the park.

Farmhouse & Modern Farmhouse Styles

Stylists claim that these two designs will be “in” for decades.

A black and white modern farmhouse style 2-story house with a double Cambridge CM Design garaage door. Plan #22001 from Plan Image.

Play with light and dark with a Modern Farmhouse design that is built to the Plan Image # 22001. Properly colored wood is paired with exterior light options to make the home look welcoming and stunning from a distance. If that’s your goal, try combining the looks of the Townships Collections’ Cambridge CM design.

This is a great 2022 design choice. It emphasizes colors such as gray, black, and white to give off the sense of an old-style farmhouse! Consider it a combination of the Modern, Country, and Scandinavian design choices.

14 Farmhouse and Modern Farmhouse Garage Door Styles That Are Here to Stay

These doors are great if you like the farmhouse architecture. They pull from old swinging doors and yet use real PVC overlays affixed to R-16 insulated steel doors to help with temperature regulation and keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Choose from ten colour options for your perfect home.

All white Farmhouse style home. The 2 Princeton P-21 single garage doors add a bucolic touch to this country home. Design Credit: Shoana Jensen | Photo Credit: Arthur Mola

This Farmhouse design works due to the addition of the two single garages that draw your attention! If you want to mimic this look, seek out these Princeton P-21. Design Credit: Shoana Jensen | Photo Credit: Arthur Mola

Garages that use the iconic Townships Collections’ decorative overlays can bring your home to another tier of design. Play with black garage doors (Princeton P-12) and white colouring or even tone-on-tone with different textures and lines in the Ice White shading for a perfect and stunning home.

HousePlans offers more ideas and home designs in these farmhouse-based styles if you’re curious.

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian Style house plan. Its blond wood contrasting with black windows and front door, as well as the gable and beams over the entry door, which echo the triangular window and the slope of the roof.

A home doesn’t get more Scandinavian than this. With a layout crafted by Sarah Moore of Real Architecture, you get the sense of nature right outside and the welcoming aura of the home due to the beams, gable, triangular window, and roof slope. Scandinavian designs work best when you use a little to go a long way.

Scandinavian designed homes like to play with the idea of nature and industry. Using colours that you’d find in nature and unfinished-looking materials, you’ll be able to craft a home that looks like it appeared in the middle of a forest. Great doors that work for this style are the Flush, Cambridge CL, California, and Shaker-Modern XL in charcoal or black.

Choose the Best Materials to Make These Designs Go Next Level

Mixing raw materials will give your home style and charm. A wide range of exterior coverings is available. Since the colours are soft and neutral, it is the textures that will break the monotony and add distinctive character to your home.

Cedar shingles, vinyl, stone, and brick. Use subtle colors that can also double as neutral and inviting.

Planks and panels that are made from fiber cement. Great for homes that follow the Farmhouse architecture or Scandinavian design, fiber cement is great for negating humidity and shocks because they are made from cellulose fibers.

Inserts made from wood. Inserts made from wood will typically be used for dormers or gables and will act as inviting elements for anyone who seems your home. Try to make them from wood that gives off a welcoming colour (such as blond) and pair it with round elements such as arches.

● If you want to create the perfect pairing of home exterior and garage door, check out ROYAL and GENTEK colours that work best together.

Cedar shingled house, double garage with Princeton P-23 garage doors, 8' x 7', Chocolate Walnut doors and mouldings and 8-pane Panoramic windows

Do you want wood in your house but you don’t want to deal with rot and warping? Create or select doors that are made from other materials but that look like wood, such as these chocolate walnut overlays and doors in the 8' x 7' Princeton P-23 style.

Don’t Forget About R-Values (Insulation)

Insulation is the key component that will keep your home warm in the winter and cold in the summer. As such, selecting the best door (one that is well-insulated) can keep your home at a good temperature without you having to spend gobs of money on the heating/cooling bill.

The Princeton P-12, 9' x 8', Iron Ore Walnut garage doors and Ice White overlays, 8-pane Panoramic windows really enhance this Craftman home while providing R-16 insulation.

Princeton P-12 are a great choice if you’re looking for a product that offers great insulation (R-value of 16). These Ice White overlays and Ore Walnut doors paired with Panoramic windows (8-lite) offer light to the occupants. Other colours are available.

If you have a high R-value, you’ll have a more temperate house. As such, it’s a great idea to make sure you choose the right door so that you’re not freezing (or catching on fire).

Garaga-brand doors are created in Canada and great for insulation, supporting air filtration, and generally being a boon for your home due to rubber bottoms and weather seals.

If you want your home to be energy-efficient, seek out products made by the Townships Collection Construction. They have many options for R-16 doors that include the Standard+ Construction.

This small California all-glass garage door  brings a lot of light into the all white office of this lady from Montreal, Canada.

This design choice might not offer the best insulation, but as a Montreal homeowner, she knew what she wanted and went for it! Now, her home office uses the play of white coloring with natural light (through the California garage door) to become a space that she never wants to leave even when it’s time to clock out!

The California is a great panoramic garage door made entirely from glass! Try it on your home!

The California is made from aluminum, which counts as a phenomenal conductor of thermal energy. Despite this, there are options that have higher R-values, such as ones made from steel and that use polyurethane foam for insulation. Decide if you want more natural light or more heat and then select the garage door that will work best for your project.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help When Upgrading

Upgrading a garage door and home exterior can be a tough project—you’ll not want to get it wrong since you’ll only do it once or twice in your life! If you’re part of the masses who are upgrading their garages (one of this year’s Top 3 renovations projects), then make sure you make good choices.

Consult specialists to make sure you’re making design choices that will suit your home and that will provide you with the perfect look for your home!

Use 905-642-6606 to reach out today to our specialists at First Choice Overhead Doors!

Our specialists have years of experience under their belt and are verified professionals. They can make a huge difference to your project and ensure you will have something to be proud of for decades. After all, a quality garage door can last 25 years, so you’ll want to make sure you’re doing it right.

Struggling for Inspiration?

Check out the image gallery for the garage you’ve been hoping for.

Want something custom-made? Easy as pie once you use our Design Centre! With our program, you can choose specific combinations of windows and garage doors to see what works best. Don’t forget to tick your favorites and check out several options.

Already know which garage door you want? If you’re ahead of the curve, it’s time to contact us for a detailed quote by email.

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