Why we recommend Garaga

When it comes to choosing the right garage door, the number of designs and options available can be overwhelming. Add in the necessity of finding the best door for your budget and needs, and it quickly becomes evident that working with the right company is incredibly important. At First Choice Overhead Doors, we recommend working with Garaga. The family-owned business opened its doors in 1983 and has since become one of the leading Canadian manufacturers of overhead doors and garage doors. Garaga provides agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential garage doors, and each offering is designed to provide the highest levels of reliability, durability and security – all while keeping a keen eye on creating stylish designs that meet your needs. Keep reading to find out more about why First Choice Overhead Doors highly recommends Garaga to every customer.


When you choose Garaga, you are choosing a company where each employee has the experience, knowledge and long-standing reputation to meet our high standards. They understand every aspect of the product line, ensuring that you will have the best option for your commercial, industrial or residential needs.

Service with high standards

Garaga has years of experience in the industry, providing them with the highest standards in knowledge and skills. With their attention to detail and unwavering dedication to providing the best possible customer service, Garage works hard to exceed every expectation, which is why we at First Choice Overhead Doors highly recommend this business. When you choose Garaga, you are choosing to work with an organization that is unbeatable in service, skills and standards.

Quality doors and products

Garaga understands just how important it is to ensure your garage is warm when cold temperatures plummet. Every GARAGA garage door features a thermal bridge that keeps the cold out, and provides a wind-proof weathertight barrier that helps you control your energy costs and maintain comfort.

Your garage door plays a major role in your home’s curb appeal, and Garaga provides options and accessories that keep beauty and style at the forefront for a great look with every door. While you may only replace your garage door once, if you want the highest quality products, expert installation, style and options with limited lifetime warranties, choose Garaga.

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