Other products & services

Here is a short list of other products and services we provide:

  • Aluminium Capping

    Attractively finish your garage door frame by capping it with aluminum sheeting. We can match your garage door colour with the capping.

    Aluminium Capping

  • Broken spring replacement

    We can quickly repair either broken torsion or extension springs, broken lift cables or do any kind of garage door repairs. If you hear strange noises when you open or close your garage door, don’t wait, call us for a repair.

    Broken spring replacement

  • Parts, Accessories and Openers

    We can provide replacement parts for any kind of garage door and openers. No matter if it’s for additional remote control, a broken panel or even decorative hardware, we keep what you need in stock.

    Parts, accessories and openers
    Parts, accessories and openers
    Parts, accessories and openers
  • We service and repair all makes of garage doors and openers

    No matter the garage door brand you have, in wood or metal, we can serve you promptly and professionally.


Electric garage door openers

Did you know that the garage door is the most used door in a home? Because of this, the choice of a reliable and safe garage door opener is paramount, and this is the reason we provide the complete line of Marantec garage doors openers.

Marantec logo


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Security shutters

We provide Pentagon Security Shutters as well as their Counter and Rolling Shutter doors. Pentagon is committed to be the most trusted provider of security shutters so join the growing number of people who choose the Pentagon brand to protect their property.

Pentagon Logo

Pentagon Security Shutters

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Walk‑Through doors

We also offer WalkThru Garage Doors installed in your sectional garage door. These doors allow you to have an entrance door for people without opening your garage door. They have completely customizable solutions.

WalkThru Logo

Walkthru Garage Doors

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